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Behind the Scenes

To ensure your chocolate experience is second to none, we select the finest British chocolate made from 100% sustainably sourced African cocoa, fresh British cow's milk and blend this with high quality natural ingredients. Everything we make is free from soya, artificial ingredients and palm oil. 

Our Chocolate Uncovered

The Flavours & Textures

Glorious Chocolate orange and honeycomb

Taste , Taste, Taste ... We are all about flavour here at Glorious - it really is everything to us. To elevate your experience, we select only the finest natural flavours and inclusions for each one of our chocolate bark. From Scottish raspberries that are crushed and freeze dried  to Colombian coffee beans that are beautifully blended and roughly ground then poured into our silky chocolate: these are the details that ensure you really taste the flavours and experience the textures in every single mouthful.

The Tempering

This is where the art of chocolate-making comes to a head. The texture, the flavour and the snap of the chocolate all depend on a perfect temper. We hand temper all our chocolate in small batches which allows us to achieve the perfect balance every time.

Glorious Chocolate melted chocolate in a bowl
Glorious Chocolate falling honeycomb into bowl of chocolate bark

The Blending

Blending is where we activate the magic that sets our bark apart. Take as an example our English honeycomb:  rich and golden with a sweet and crunchy texture. The small granules are poured into the silky chocolate and expertly mixed by hand, giving the final chocolate a soft but crunchy bite...very moreish!

The Spreading

Once blended,  we pour our chocolate, flavours and inclusions into large trays and carefully spread the mixture into a thin layer to ensure both the snap and the thickness are just right to produce the perfect chocolate bark.

Glorious Chocolate being spread in a tray
Glorious Chocolate close up cooling

The Waiting Game

Patience is a virtue. We believe that our chocolate gets better over time. As the flavours and chocolate mature, the taste becomes richer and more intense, and the texture reaches its peak. When this is achieved, we take our chocolate, break it into small shards, place it into our plastic-free packaging and finish it with our biodegradable labels and ribbons.

The End Game...

This is it; this is our end game. The result is a glorious blend of fine British chocolate with the highest quality natural ingredients, flavours and textures that your senses will love you for. 

Our passion is creating chocolate for you to enjoy and savour, from the first taste to the last bite.

Caramel and honeycomb Glorious Chocolate shards

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